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For academic lecture requests, contact: gamma@[the domain name of this site]. Please put “Academic lecture request” in the Subject. For corporate lectures and lectures arranged by speakers bureaus, contact: lectures@[the domain name of this site]. Please put “Lecture request” in the Subject.

Key Corporate/NonAcademic Keynotes & Workshops: Microsoft, Google (3x), Siemens,, Gen Re (2x), Cologne Re, Swiss Re, Credit Suisse (3x), Morgan Stanley (4x), Commerzbank, Richemond Group, Genentech, Citicorp, Bank of America (3x), McKinsey (5x), Deloitte (3x), Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays (3x), Corning,  HSBC, ING (3x), Robeco, ABN Amro, Troika (3x), European Parliament, UBS, International Monetary Fund (3x), Tata, Ambrosetti, Assicurazioni Generali (3x), Swed Bank, World Bank (2x), National Bank of Kuwait, J.P. Morgan, Security and Exchange Commission (2x), IBM, BNP-Paribas (2x), Bunge, Harbinger, Singapore Govt (2x), Society of Actuaries, Nomura, Investcorp,  Deutsche Bank (2x), Bridgewater Associates, Sidley Austin, United Nations (2x), Vienna Insurance Group, Aditya Birla, Times of India, Rand Corporation, European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS), PIMCO...

(Please refrain from offering honorary degrees, awards, listings "100 most...", & similar debasements of knowledge).

(These are generally open to the public; corporate lectures (and closed governmental talks)  are usually excluded from this list) . Note that I do not do business with Chartwell Speakers and similar outfits that list me on their site without permission to drum up business.


Please note that I doubt I will be able to give  many additional lectures in 2018 and 2019. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Real World Risk Institute, May 28, Workshop and Certificate

Tbilisi, Georgia, March 31

JPL, Pasadena, March 21


Please note that I doubt I will be able to give additional lectures in 2017. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Real World Risk Institute, Feb 6-10, Workshop and Certificate

Darwin College Lecture Series on Extremes, Jan 28, Cambridge University

Jaipur Literary Festival, January


Risk Minds, Amsterdam, c. Dec 7-8, 2016

University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine,  Nov 28

Kilkenomics, Ireland, Nov 7ish

Tokyo, Hitachi (open)

Moscow Oct 12-13, Kyiv, Oct 10

Real World Risk Institute, October 3-7, Workshop and Certificate

Leiden, Risks and Extremes in Higher Dimensions Sept 12-16

Bloomberg Quant Fin, NY, Sept 6

Nobel Foundation Symposium, Bergen,  June 15-19, Statistical Properties of Violence

Commencement Address,   American University in Beirut May 27

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden Symposium  (presenting the Precautionary Principle), May 22-25

American University of Beirut,  150th ann. April 22

Bank of England,  Feb 18

New England Complex System Institute
, Jan 21-22


Risk Minds, Amsterdam, Dec 10-11

Kilenomics, Ireland, November 7-8

Malaysia, November 4-5

ETH Zurich October 27 Fragility

Milan Book Fair, Oct 24

U Mass Amherst, Oct 9

Moscow, Sept 12, Skolkovo School

ETH Zurich Extreme Deviations, European Safety and Reliability Conference, ESREL 2015, c. Sept 6-10

Philadelphia, Resilience Week August  19, lunch plenary.

Helsinki, June  10

Paris (Sciences Po),  June  8, Conférence Inaugurale de la chaire du Programme de recherche sur les risques et l'incertitude

Second International Workshop on Computational Antifragility and Antifragile Engineering June 3, London (By Televideo)

Seminar with Paul Wilmott (our 19th), March 12-13

IMF  Workshop on Silent Risk, Feb 24

Jaipur Literature Festival, Jaipur, India, Jan 23-25


Risk Minds, Amsterdam, Workshop, Friday Dec 12

Bologna, Fondazione Golinelli, Nov 24

McKinsey and Company, Antifragile,  London, Nov 21

Santa Fe Institute, Conference on Optimality Versus Fragility, October 2, New York

Singapore, public lecture  Sept 24

International Peace Institute, 1814-1914-2014 Lessons from The Past Salzburg Aug 25-29

Seth Roberts Memorial Lectures, Berkeley, Sunday August 10 (EventBrite), organized by his friends: Gary Taubes, Tim Ferris, Tucker Max, John Durant.

United Nations Conference on Integration of Statistical and Geospatial Information,  New York,  Aug 4

Zurich in New York - Risk: Towards More Resilient Systems and Societies, "conversation" with Sornette, May 23, New York

IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, Fragility, a presentation in Honor of Benoit Mandelbrot, May 19

Panel: a diplomatic discussion with someone with different set of beliefs( Larry Summers) May 15, Las Vegas

New England Complex Systems Institute, Boston, 2-day Workshop, May 5-6 2014 (jointly with Yaneer Bar-Yam)

Risk Management in the Real World, Feb 27-28 , New York, with Raphael Douady.


Paris, Dec 18, Open to public, Grand Amphithéâtre – La Sorbonne 47 rue des Ecoles 75005 Paris, organized by Université Paris Dauphine/BBC.

Risk Minds, Amsterdam, Dec 4 2013

Rutgers University, Department of Statistics and Biostatistics, Statistics of Risk Management Conference, Nov 7 2013

New England Complex Systems Institute, Boston, 2-day Workshop, November 4-5 2013 (jointly with Yaneer Bar-Yam)

U.C. Santa Barbara, October 27, 3PM

Ambrosetti Foundation, Sept 19, Milan

Ancestral Health Symposium, "Convex Responses and Their Consequences", Atlanta, August 15

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), Los Angeles, August 13

Aix-en-Provence, July 5-7 (Rencontres économiques)

Madrid, July 3

U.S. State Department, Washington DC, June 7

IMF Washington, DC, May 3, 2 PM

Loyola University, April 11

Stanford University, April 10, Stanford Technology Ventures Program

Columbia University: April 4, noon, Business School

Concordia University, Montreal , April 2, Room 110 of the Hall Building, 1-3 PM

Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affair, March 18, 8 AM, my paper with Constantine Sandis on the ethical asymmetry heuristic.

Literary & NonTEDstyle Idea Festivals: LitCologne, c. March 8; Ascona, March 24; Hay-on-Wye, June 2; Mantova ~Sept 5

Yale University, Feb 18

New York Public Library, Feb 5, Conversation with Daniel Kahneman

National Science Foundation, Division of Mathematical Sciences, Jan 25, 2013: On Convexity

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Quantitative Congress, Jan 22, 2013 [Closed to the Public].

Oxford University (Sheldonian), Jan 11, 2013 On the Ubiquity of Nonlinear Responses in Life and Their Probabilistic Consequences (Why projects are late, dams hard to build, hypertension medicine complicated to administer, etc.)


LSE, London School of Economics, Dec 5

SEC, Security and Exchange Commission, Dec 3

US Book launch of Antifragile: Things That Like Disorder: Barnes and Noble, Union Square, New York, November 27, 7PM - Powerhouse (DUMBO, Brooklyn), November 28; Philadelphia Public Library, November 29, 7PM, University of Chicago, November 30, etc.

London discussion of Antifragile: Nov 26 Union Chaptel, Islington

University of East Anglia, School of Philosophy, Sept 27, 2012

Hay Literary Festival, Hay-On-Wye, Wales, June 4, 2012 [BY TELEVIDEO]

Commencement Address, U.C. Berkeley Dept of Statistics, May 15, 2012. An Homage to the late David Freedman.

Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, April 10, 2012 -Open to the public.

McKinsey & Co, Workshop on Managing Black Swans, co-instructor (with Bent Flyvberg), McKinsey Alpine University, Kitzbühel, Austria, March 30-April 1 2012 [Deferred]

Complexity and Risk Workshop,Wilmott-Taleb Seminar, March 1-2, London

George Mason University, Workshop in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Feb 24, 2012

Humbold University, Berlin, Department of Applied Statistics, Distinguished Lecture Series, January 28, 2012- Open to the public.

Stevens Institute of Technology, Jan 24, 2012, First Public presentation of Antifragility. Open to the public.

University of Balamand, Koura, North Lebanon, Jan 13, 2012 (in Levantine Arabic, no translation). Open to the public.


Zurich Minds, Zurich, Dec 13, 2011

RSA London, Dec 1, 2011presentation of Antifragility (ignore official title) -Open to the public.

Doha, Qatar, Nov 16, 2011

Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, INPO, Atlanta Lecture, Nov 10, 2011

Trinidad and Tobago Lecture, Queen's Hall, Port-of-Spain, Nov 5 2011

United Nations Environment Program, October 19, 2011, Washington, DC

Beijing, Oct 13, 2011

Kiev, Ukraine, Oct 6, 2011

Zagreb, Croatia, Oct 4, 2011 Antifragility

Columbia University, New York, Sept 26, 2011, paper on the detection heuristic.

Venice, Sept 23, 2011 Lecture on probability

European Parliament, Brussels, September 20, 2011

Tokyo: The Errors of Fukushima, How error rates have error rates, September 13, 2011

United States Congress, Hearings, July 14, 2011

8th International Conference on Complex Systems, The taxonomy of antifragile systems, Boston, June 29, 2011

Summer School on Bounded Rationality, Instructor, Max Planck Institute, Berlin, June 21-28, 2011

Benoit Mandelbrot Memorial Scientific Meeting, Yale, April 29, 2011, an essay in honor of the great man.

The Goldstone Forum Lecture for Philosophy, Politics and Economics, U of Pa, Philadelphia, April 5, 2011

Workshop on Antifragility, Policy staff, 10 Downing Street, London, March 3, 2011 Article in FT

Philosophy & Probability, NYU AbuDhabi, Sponsored by NYU's Philosophy Department, March 1, 2011

Russia Forum, Moscow, Feb 2-5, 2011

Athens, Greece, Jan 19, 2011

Book Lecture/Signing, New York City, Barnes and Noble, Union Square, 7 PM, Jan 13, 2011


Hong Kong Congress on the Mathematics of Risk Management, Dec 15, 2010, by Televideo, Opening Lecture, On the Fundamental Incomputability of Small Probabilities

Carnegie Institution, organized by the Department of the Interior, Dec 15,2010, Washington, DC

U.K. Parliament, House of Commons, Dec 8, 2010

London School of Economics, The Bed of Procrustes, Dec 7, 2010

Council for Foreign Affairs, New York, Dec 6, 2010

Lectio Magistralis: Genoa Science Festival, Genoa, (Genova), Italy,(Opening Talk), Oct 29, 2010

The Economist (Buttonwood Gathering), Oct 25, 2010, New York

L'Express magazine, October 13, 2010, Paris (en français)

Washington, DC, Sept 30, Neuseum, organized by the Aspen Institute & Atlantic Magazine

Salon Series, Montreal, Sept 24, 2010 (en français)

International Monetary Fund, Sept 16, 2010, Washington, DC, General Lecture (morning) and Technical Workshop (afternoon) on how to detect tail-fragility.

Max Planck Institute, Berlin, Prussia, Sept 9, 2010

Oxford University, 2010 BT Lecture, July 14, 2010

SEC Security & Exchange Commission, June 30, 2010, Washington, DC


Politics & Prose, Washington, DC, June 30, 2010

Hay Festival of Literature, Wales, May 29, 2010

B&N Bookstore, NY, Union Square, NY, May 24 (evening)

Council for Foreign Relations, NY, May 24 (morning, members only)

Harvard Bookstore, Boston, May 19 (evening)

Labyrinth Bookstore, Princeton, May 13

New York, Powerhouse Arena, DUMBO (under Manhattan Bridge), conversation with the philosopher Gloria Origgi, May 11 (evening)

World Bank, IFC , Washington, DC, May 11, (morning)

Harvard, Social Science Symposium, Hard Problems in Social Science, Boston, April 10, 2010

India Conclave, New Delhi, March 12, 2010

Dubai, March 1, 2010 (I know)

Dubai, Feb 8, 2010

Russia Forum 2010 - Feb 3-5 2010, Moscow


Tokyo, Dec 1, 2009

Ciudad de Las Ideas, Puebla, Mexico, Nov 6, 2009, Debate on religion with Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris.

Society of Actuaries, Boston, Oct 27, 2009

World Knowledge Forum, Seoul, South Korea, Oct 14, 2009

Asia Society,Honk Kong, Sept 28, 2009

United States Congress, Testimony (Subcommittee), September 10, 2009

Royal Society for the Arts, London, Conversation with David Cameron, August 18, 2009

Aspen Institute, Aspen, July 2-4, 2009

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden Symposium on Climate Change, Swedish Academy of Science, Vastermorland county (Northern Sweden), June 14-17

Google Zeitgeist, UK, May 17-19 2009,

New Yorker Summit, New York, May 5, 2009 --video on the web.

Dubai, UAE Literary Festival, Feb 27-March 1 2009

World Bank, Feb 24, 2009, Markets and Crises: What Next and How? Washington, DC

Russia Forum, Moscow, Feb 4-5, 2009

Davos, World Economic Forum, January 28-31 2009 - (these idiots)

DLD Munich -Jan 27 2009 - Kahneman-Taleb: Reflection on a Crisis (Video) moderated by John Brockman